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Meet the Researchers

Dr. Cristina Poleacovschi

Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering Department, Iowa State University
Dr. Poleacovschi’s past research has focused on knowledge sharing in construction organizations, organizational planning for climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction in vulnerable communities, and enhancing social justice attitudes in engineering education. Currently, she researches how vulnerabilities can be addressed and incorporated in housing and infrastructure decisions through better inter-organizational coordination and works with Alaska Native communities to identify appropriate Indigenous methodologies to address energy and water insecurity.


School of Marine and Environmental Affairs, University of Washington
Dr. Wölfle Hazard’s research informs two areas of thought: (1) ecological and social dimensions of human relations to rivers and their multi-species inhabitants, and (2) how queer trans feminist thought can transfigure ecological science as it’s used by Indigenous and non-Native practitioners in river management. An activist and artist with formal training in ecology, geomorphology, critical social science, and feminist science and technology studies, he conducts collaborative research in partnership with Native nations, agencies, citizen scientists, and local community members.

Dr. Cassandra Rutherford

Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering Department, Iowa State University
Dr. Rutherford’s research interests are the characterization of soil subjected to dynamic loading, geo-hazard mitigation, ground improvement and the design of deep foundations. She is passionate about helping society overcome geo-hazards and invest in future renewable energy options. She will contribute her expertise in soil testing, erosion and critical infrastructure. She will investigate the risk of erosion due to changing temperatures and river flooding through experimental testing of soil samples. She will build on recent research findings and ongoing research efforts, leveraging tools and methods associated with risk assessment of infrastructure and soil characterization

Dr. Kristie Franz

Geological and Atmospheric Sciences, Iowa State University
Dr. Franz’s research advances the methods used for predicting hydrologic processes on short to long time horizons through improved understanding and representation of hydrologic variability and uncertainty. Her topics of interest include: Snow and rainfall-runoff modeling and forecasting, hydrologic applications of remote sensing data, climate and land use impacts on the hydrologic cycle, and agent-based modeling.

Iowa State University, National Science Foundation, University of Washington